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Awesome Tips for Nice icon design Abu Dhabi

by admin, January 13, 2016

In these days mostly people like the touch mobiles, IPhones and IPad etc. We have a lot of application for mobiles. So that’s why all most every designers of this era is trying app designing. The Icon design is the main feature of the app designing. Because the icon which designer choose for any app is represented that app in App store or in any mobile and pad device. Designing a great icon for any app is the more about to design logo. Because For icon we need totally a new and something different for all about other apps.

For creating a good and effective icon it is necessary we try verity of ways for apps, social media and even on smaller printed plans or professional cards. Before designing a new icon design Abu Dhabi we are need some planning. In this blog post I discusses some awesome tips for a nice icon design.


  • Easy To Read:

And Icon must be easy for reading and here I am not talking about the text. I am taking about the Visual legibility it is the key of designing an Icon. Due to branding and the visual icon is the easy to understand we must try a visual design.

  • Icon is not An Image

Most off the people think that icon is an image or a photo in a box but an icon is not a picture in a box. This is true an icon contain a picture or image but I also includes other elements like text which represent icon, Logo marks etc. It must give an idea of app and thing behind it.

icon design Abu Dhabi

  • Avoid Text Altogether

You can’t use text in the form of sentence because you have not a lot of space for add a long or short text in the sentient of one or two lines. This is the rule of thumbs, that you should avoid the text altogether unless you have the text in your logo. Even if you have text in your logo then you can use this text in the primary icon be carefully. You must create an icon which gives the identity without using the words.

  • Use Verity of colors

For grabbing the attention of users you must use the vibrant colors in your icon. This thing help you app to stand out. Try to use different a new color pattern which other apps are not use and also choose the colors which is nearest to your logo design. So creative logo design Abu Dhabi have a great part in a powerful icon design.

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